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User interface design | Brand launch on digital


Yomira, a premium luxury yacht charter business which designs client-tailored lifetime superyacht experiences, asked us to assist with launching their brand. 

We helped Yomira with their brand name development before launching the brand in the digital space with a visually striking, high-end brochureware site aimed at high-net-worth individuals.


New to the yacht charter market, Yomira is virtually unknown as a brand, so we needed to establish the brand promise and experience quickly and clearly. 

While client-handled content was going to play a key role here, it was up to us to ensure visual presentation of the site, plus the journeys within it, conveyed the fact that Yomira is a premium brand offering clients once in a lifetime superyacht experiences.

The initial challenge was to create an MVP site that conveyed the brand proposition and promise for the official launch of Yomira at the Antigua Yacht Show. We then needed to create a website that presented users with a slick, premium experience, offering sophisticated interactions beyond the usual vertical scroll and click.

Once users reached the site, we knew it was essential that they find the inspiration and reassurance needed to contact Yomira and set up the next stage of the journey – a presentation or call to discuss their requirements and build their bespoke superyacht experience. 

With this in mind, we had to ensure that simplicity, elegance and luxury were a priority when it came to site presentation and interaction design.

Yomira desktop homepage.

Solution part 1: Brand name development

We needed to establish a brand name which suited the client’s proposition and reflected their bespoke, premium offering. To do this, we led the client through a rapid name development process, building on their initial work and exploring new opportunities for a name that resonated with the brand in a way that was simple, memorable and protectable. 

After establishing a shortlist of 12 potential names, each presented with a brief rationale and an indication of domain name availability, ‘Yomira’ quickly became the preferred choice. 

The name ‘Yomira’ is derived from a contraction of ‘Your’ and ‘Mira’. ‘Your’ reflects the client-tailored nature of the brand’s superyacht experiences, while ‘Mira’ means ocean in Sanskrit, the world’s oldest language.

Solution part 2: Digital experience for the online brand launch

After establishing the client’s brand name, we needed to ensure Yomira had an immediate online presence. 

The first step here was to create a simple, responsive one-page holding site that made sure potential customers were able to contact Yomira to gather further information ahead of the MVP site launch.

The main solution, meanwhile, involved the creation of a visually striking, high-end premium brochureware site that was responsive across devices. 

The process to achieve this followed multiple stages.

UX research

We began by holding a number of client workshops to clearly define users, content and functional requirements for the site. 

From here, initial proto-personas were created across the main six audience types, and these personas were then refined for the two primary personas: Citizen Explorers and Escapers.

We then completed customer journey maps for both key personas, taking into consideration user ‘wants’, ‘fears’ and ‘pains’. The personas were then mapped against the four stages of the purchase funnel, enabling final user scenarios to be created.

Experience design

Our initial research had allowed us to establish the requirements for the sitemap and wireframes, and to set the foundations for the seamless, visually inspiring digital experience Yomira wanted to deliver. 

For this next phase, we created a sitemap to show the page hierarchy of the site, detailing all the key page requirements for the website experience. 

We also created responsive wireframes built to show all content and functionality on each page.

User interface design

The visual aesthetic for the website was inspired by the brand thought of ‘Your time’ and how we spend it and value it as humans. With this as the central thought, we used a combination of typographical styling, colours and imagery to evoke a feeling of time passing and people making unique memories together.

This stage involved the creation of responsive web designs to effectively showcase Yomira as a high-end, luxury brand. As part of this process, we used a modular approach to the UI design, allowing the client to easily build and create new pages through the CMS as and when required in the future.


Interaction design was a key component in providing a high-end feel for the site. This included subtle interactions on the UI, from beautiful rip cord scrollers to button animations and dream-like animations of content loading on the page. 

We paid particular attention to transitions and the way in which elements loaded on the page to achieve an enjoyable, premium user experience. 

A ‘stepper’ was developed on the ‘About’ page of the site to allow users to be effortlessly led down the page in a storytelling fashion. Subtle yet sophisticated site features such as these would give Yomira its premium edge.

When it came to the CMS, it needed to be simple to use and content easily updatable. We therefore built the CMS in WordPress, with a HubSpot integration as a marketing service for form submissions.

Mobile First
Responsive design

The yachts gallery page
The wireframing stage


A clear brand message

Behind Yomira’s brand proposition and reflected in the brand name is a focus on bespoke experiences tailored to the user, taking into consideration their valuable time. 

The message ‘Your time’ reflects an understanding that the most important asset for Yomira’s users is their time and the freedom to spend it meaningfully through tailored, once in a lifetime experiences. We created a site and a message which captures this human-centred value. 

Premium interactions

As a premium brand, it went without saying that Yomira’s site required premium interactions and seamless functionality. We delivered a site with a sense of movement to provide the user with a flowing, effortless navigational experience.

In addition to interactions and animations on the website which move slowly and seamlessly, this approach adds a sensory element to the site and enables Yomira to tell its users a story.

Simple journeys

Conveying the brand’s purpose and proposition, the site is visually striking yet slick and understated. The luxury nature of the brand’s offering is reflected in an intuitive site structure, simple journeys and stunning images showcasing the beauty of the superyachts and the open ocean.

You can access the Yomira website here.

Effective colourways

The site features a palette of warmth and fire, sea and sky. Use of gradients helps to soften the colour palette and create a sense of time of day.


At the heart of Yomira’s client offering is a luxury lifetime experience to remember. This is conveyed through the site which focuses on real human experiences in the context of yachting.

Interface elements
Organic designed a premium, luxury feel site ensuring the client journey was paramount to the brief. We have received numerous compliments on our website and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Organic and their team.”

Amanda Armstrong

Founding Partner, YOMIRA