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Natural search | Empowerment training


We are Argos’ retained search agency, we support Argos’ Natural Search team with SEO recommendations and strategy, as well as ad hoc and planned projects

While we’re retained to support on SEO, we’re also tasked with creating innovative solutions to help Argos stay at the top of their game.


Working with the Natural Search team at Argos it became apparent that although the in-house team had good knowledge they needed support to be able to focus their efforts to deliver maximum effectiveness.

Roles although defined needed alignment, the team were often asked to jump from one task to another, or senior team members were asked simple queries where a more appropriate person was available.

With the internal team’s time spent on firefighting, insight and strategic planning was often reprioritised. 


We designed and developed a dedicated empowerment stream to support:

Training of the Natural Search team 

  • Bespoke training for the team including in depth SEO and tools training

Training of wider teams members

  • Introduction to SEO courses
  • Team specific courses

Support for wider teams to raise queries

  • Weekly drop in clinics where queries could be raised face to face with a member of the Organic and Natural Search team and responded to.

By developing the knowledge of the Natural Search team, the team members were able to become more effective in their roles. While the training for the wider team members meant that more basic SEO queries were vastly reduced. 

The drop in clinic gives wider team members the ability to ask their question to an SEO expert who will be able to respond in amore in-depth manner. 


  • Positive feedback from all teams
  • Individuals feel more able to tackle tasks effectively
  • Large reduction in ‘firefighting’ activity by the Natural Search team, freeing them up to focus on work that delivers real impact for the business
  • Development and rollout of an ongoing series of workshops, specific training, and accessible learning documentation
  • Creation of SEO advocates across the business 
  • The SEO team has the ability to better focus on strategic tasks to drive change. 
Dan Patmore discusses what it’s like to partner with Organic.