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Digital strategy | Tech audit and transformation


The Bible Society was going through a period of significant digital transformation. We were asked to undertake a root and branch analysis of the organisation’s capabilities and technologies, with a view to implementing major transformational behaviour change.


The Bible Society – an organisation with thousands of staff across 200 countries – needed to change its ways of working and operational set-up. Despite making the move to digital, the business had largely grown organically and was still very traditional. The result was an overly complex, process-heavy organisation.


  • We undertook a full audit of the business, the structure data and information flows, and the software systems
  • Interviews with staff to uncover roles and outputs of everyone within the organisation 
  • Auditing of technology and data flows 
  • Scoping new technology systems, skills and capabilities for the re-focused organisation 


We helped the client work out an appropriate short list of vendors, and created detailed assessment criteria to aid selection.

Bible Society Organic workshop