W Series

Service and project type

Digital brand launch | Brand strategy, UX, UI design, development

Our relationship

W-Series and Organic joined forces at the beginning of their journey.

As a ground breaking women’s racing series they needed a digital partner that could role with the punches and adapt to change quickly and effectively.


W-Series needed to hit the ground running with branding and development of their very first website. The website needed to show off the concept of the races and later evolve into a powerful and scalable media centre platform.


Organic set out to design and build the website that would become the face of W-Series and women racing.

We built the site on a customised WordPress platform and supported it with cloud infrastructure and a multi-region content delivery network.


  • Brand strategy for proposition.
  • Created a bespoke site that continues to evolve as the brand and audience grows.
  • Delivered a powerful website capable of expanding and hosting a suite of media.
  • Delivered the website internationally through a multi-region CDN, with scalable infrastructure to back up the evolving story and press releases.