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Service and project type

Brand strategy, UX, UI design, development

Our relationship

After helping to launch the W Series brand and website, Organic were retained by the groundbreaking womans’ racing series to support their ongoing evolution through their inaugural season.  


As W Series is so unique, the brand was evolving constantly. There were daily discoveries and this required careful gauging of W Series’ uptake as a brand based on audience response. This meant ongoing development of the website to their ever-changing needs and requirements. 

Our brief made it very clear that this build will not follow the regular website development method. With it being a test season for W Series, they need an agile, innovative, practical and quick partner, with a focus on functionality as opposed to style.

We were also asked to ensure the website gave the client control and ownership of content and data, so incorporating a user-friendly backend CMS was a must. 


  • Our team first focused on standardising the basic design and layout across the site. This would ensure that as the site scales with new functionality and pages, the brand is consistent throughout.
  • Our next focus was to balance the key functionality aspects, while maintaining the must have foundations of UX, design and development.
  • We integrated SEO to ensure all URLs, pages, headers and titles were search friendly and contributed to ranking – this is imperative with W Series being a new brand.
  • We followed Agile methodology to allow parallel tasks across UX, design and development to continue while work on key linkers was being completed. Our adaptive and agile approach meant we could complete full development cycles in super short bursts – this gave us manoeuvrability to react to changing requirements as well as delivering ahead of deadlines.  


  • A single-domain, SEO-integrated website for multiple audiences that ties in all the evolution phases of the brand.
  • A comprehensive information hub for new audiences familiarising with the brand and keen to understand more about W Series.
  • A media centre to cater to the specific needs of the press, journalists and bloggers.
  • A client friendly back-end CMS for W Series to independently own and manage their own content.