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Website transformation | UX, UI design, Development

Our relationship

We run multiple development projects concurrently for Foundry, as well as providing ongoing digital marketing services.


Data showed that the Foundry website wasn’t catering to the requirements of users at all stages in the customer journey, across their vast product set. With thousands of important actions taking place on the site daily from trial requests through to purchases, optimisation of these journeys had potential to make a huge impact to the business.


Re-imagine, re-design and re-develop large sections of the website to optimise user journeys and create human centred designs that meet the needs of the users.


  • Delivered a brand new navigation that is easier to use and more consistent across each parent navigation item.
  • Delivered new Homepage, the face of Foundry’s online presence.
  • Delivered new product pages and a new trial and buy page that allows users to see all products and pricing in one place.
  • Optimising large portions of the site and improving user experience where possible (results from a content audit).


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